NGK.IO will be put online around October, the global launch is imminent!

What’s the significance of NGK going online?
It means that the development of the core technology of the NGK blockchain has been completed, the stage of construction and testing has been completed, and it has been officially released to the global community, so that developers can develop DApp, develop ecology and realize commercial application on it. As a result, for blockchain technology, this will be a good start to NGK. Global launch is imminent, the follow-up will have eight ecological business access, enabling NGK tokens to obtain scene applications once online, such a comprehensive opening is rare at present in the field of blockchain.

Global block producers add popularity to NGK main net
The "back wave" NGK main net of blockchain recently conduct frequent actions, planning to be launched around October this year. With the distance NGK full online has been closer and closer, the major mainstream media and global community fans in various channels at this time, one after another spontaneous discussion, publicity NGK, has also accumulated much popularity to the NGK main net.

At the special time of halving bitcoin production this year, the NGK main network has also built the infrastructure for the subsequent construction of global blockchain ecological applications. NGK founding team Spirit Stone team said the goal of the NGK was to build a better blockchain platform, a system that can support decentralized applications and global ecological applications. After years of accumulation in the early NGK, it only entered the market in October this year. This process can be said to be a thick and thin development. Under the consensus of the market, NGK performance will not fail to live up to the construction of technology and ecological development.

Technology security and transparency and openness are a core priority for NGK ecological construction. The greatest value of NGK ecological construction lies in forming a blockchain system which integrates the development route of APP, Token, exchange, wallet, side chain and community, and realizes decentralized governance. At present, NGK’s every business application scenario is actively achieving landing growth. It is expected that after a few months of early outbreak, the latter will enter the shock range, wash off the unstable chips, and then heat up again with the expansion of ecological applications, and how long will the exchange take? It depends on the macro background of the industry and the consensus of retail investors.
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